How to Start a Blog for Cheap (cheapest way to start blogging)

Written by Hitesh Parmar

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Start a blog for cheap

You want to start a blog but don’t have enough money? Let me tell you that you can start a blog for cheap. In this post, we have shared the cheapest way to start a blog. It is so cheap that you can start a successful blog for just $2.95/month. Note that I am talking about a Successful blog for just $2.95/month.

Starting a blog is not as costly as people think, in fact I started my blogging journey for free. I have shared my story at the end of the blog, so make sure you read the complete blog. After reading this post you will be able to start your blog for cheap and make money with it.

I assure you that starting a blog is simple and super easy. No one starts as an expert, even if you fail you will learn a lot new things. Also, before starting you should know that starting a blog is not enough, you will have to invest your time after starting the blog to make it successful.

Now, here is the cheapest way to start a blog.

Cheapest Way to Start a Blog Step-by-Step Process

Starting a blog is really cheap for beginners, especially with the offers we have for you. As I mentioned, you will be able to start a blog by spending just $2.99/month, so cheap right? Follow the step-by-step process given below to find out the cheapest way to start a successful blog.

1) Choosing a platform for blogging (CMS)

CMS or Content Management System is an application available online, which helps you manage your website’s content in the easiest way possible. This makes blogging so simple you don’t even need to know any technical knowledge to start a blog for cheap.

One of the most popular CMS software to start a blog or website is WordPress.

CMS Market Share

As you can see above WordPress holds 45% of the total CMS market share. Most popular sites like, TechCrunch, Microsoft News, BBC America, Skype, The Disney Company use WordPress to run their sites. WordPress is free to use and open source CMS program.

2) Buying a Cheap and Best Hosting

Hosting or server is most important if you want to run any website online. This a kind of digital storeroom where all the data of your website is being stored and maintained. Whenever someone tries to visit your website, your website’s server helps the user connect with your site.

For storing and maintaining your website files, hosting companies charge you a fee. You have to pay this fee in prepaid for a year. The hosting companies usually charge a lot, but you have to choose the right one.

You will find various hosting service providers. You don’t know much about hosting terms like ram, SSD, and bandwidth as a beginner. Hosting service providers take advantage of this and sell you hosting with low configuration for a high price.

Therefore, We recommend you to use Bluehost’s hosting. I too use Bluehost to run my blog.

Why Bluehost?

using Bluehost to start blogging for cheap

Bluehost is one of the cheapest and the best hosting you can for your blog. You may find other hosting companies at a low price, but they won’t give the features and benefits you get with Bluehost.

Bluehost gives you a Free Domain for one year, a Free CDN network, and Free SSL Certificate with their hosting plan. The most exciting part is Bluehost usually charges $8.99/month, but right now you can get started for just $3.95. Now let us get start with buying the hosting.

Visit Bluehost and then hover to WordPress and click on WordPress hosting.

buying WordPress hosting

Scroll down and select the plan you think is be best for your blog.

Selecting cheap hosting to start a blog for cheap

Now, let us move to our next step.

3) Selecting Free Domain Name

After selecting the hosting plan, you have to choose a domain name for your website. As I mentioned before, Bluehost gives you a free domain along with hosting. This makes starting the blog cheaper.

Enter the domain you would like to get for free, or you can skip this step for now and get your free domain later on.

selecting a domain for free to start blog for cheap

After selecting the domain click on next and fill the account information.

Cheapest hosting

After filling all the fields select or remove any add on with your hosting. Now you can make payment and get the hosting. If you want to pay with Paypal click on the more payment options.

paying for hosting to start a blog

After making the payment you will get a mail on your Email address to set a password for your account. Create a password and log in to your Bluehost dashboard.

After logging in to your dashboard you click on my site tab and then click on add site. Now enter the name and tagline for your blogging website.

selecting name and tagline for starting a blog

Select the domain to start a new site. Now Bluehost will automatically install WordPress for you and you will be redirected to the WordPress Dash board.

Time to move towards next step.

4) Choose a WordPress Theme for Free

WordPress Theme helps you manage and change the layout of your WordPress website. Selecting a good theme is very important. A good looking theme can attract and engage your viewers where as a messy theme can distract your audience. You can get WordPress free themes as well as paid premium themes.

As this post focus on the cheapest way to start a blog. We recommend you to use a free WordPress theme. I started with OcenWP , but many other free and best options are available, like Generate Press and Astra (my favourite). You can download and install all of these themes for free and upgrade to the pro version later on if needed.

You can refer the below given video to know how to install a theme on WordPress.

Once you have installed and setup theme on your website we can move toward the next step.

5) Installing Important WordPress Plugins for Free

WordPress plugins are add-ons that can add more functions to your website without writing a single line of code. Plugins are best for beginners to start a blog. Most of the useful plugins are available for free.

Below is a list of essential plugins to start a blog for cheap. All the plugins listed below have a free version.

Check the video given below to know how to install a WordPress plugin.

After Installing and activating plugins your blog is almost ready and only left with content.

6) Start Writing Content on Your Blog

To start writing posts on your blog go to WordPress dashboard. hover over to post in the left side menu bar and the click on add new.

adding new posts to blog

Here you can give a heading to your post and start your first blog post. First, you have to select a topic to write your first blog post. Make sure you work on a particular niche.

Niche is blogging means writing all the content on a particular topic and targeting people of the same interest. For example, bloggers in the pet niche will only write about pets like dogs, cats, etc.

After selecting a niche, you have to choose a topic in that niche. Once you are done it is time for research. Invest your time in researching the topic and write the best content. Once you are ready to get traffic you can monetize your blog and earn money every month.

Now as I promised I will share my story of starting blogging.

How I Started My Blogging Journey?

I wanted to do something exciting, so I started learning about web development, which was very easy with the help of WordPress. WordPress help me build a website, which I learned from YouTube.

Now I know how to build a website, so I approached my neighbors and built websites for their businesses. I didn’t take any charge for creating the website. In return, they allowed me to use their purchased hosting for my blogging website.

Then I learned and started blogging on my neighbor’s hosting. Now I have transferred my website to my hosting on Bluehost. I got hosting for free, and the rest all is free when working with Bluehost.



What is a Domain?

Domain helps the user to reach your server. After buying a domain, you can point it to any web server you want. This is done with the help of an IP address. Remembering IP addresses is very difficult; for this reason, domain names were invented.

What is SSL?

SSL or Secured Socket Layer make your site secure for users. Not having an SSL Certificate can bring down your blog’s rank on google. If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, your website will show a “Not Secure” alert beside the URL bar in any browser.

Start blogging for cheap

Written by Hitesh Parmar

Hitesh Parmar is student who runs this blogging website related to finance. He is currently studying commerce in a institute located in India. According to Hitesh earning money in todays time is really easy, everyone has tons of opportunity. As he is interested in leaning new ways to earn and manage money he decided to start The Student Finance.

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